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May 21, 2012

Store owner Amber Rhea Allen has based her boutique, Four LA, strives to provide her clientele with the perfect pieces for any lifestyle. This stylish West Hollywood boutique puts a strong focus on providing excellent customer service and caters to clients from all over the world. FOUR LA has a very modern sleek interior that entices customers and a staff that is incredibly welcoming.

The Shoptiques’ team had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Amber and here are some interesting things she wanted to share with our readers:

1. What inspired you to open the boutique?

I was inspired by the one of a kind customer service and fashion
experience that a good boutique can offer. An independent boutique allows
the owner to express individuality. FOUR demonstrates this by its
community outreach, purple carpet events, and out of the box marketing.

2. How long have you been operating?
Two years as of April 24th, 2012!

3. How did you get the name FOUR LA?
The name FOUR LA has three special meanings but to keep it brief for the
sake of style and simplicity, FOUR LA is a multi-faceted lifestyle
boutique offering looks for comfort, spotlight, success, and celebration.

4. Describe your clothes in 3 words
Can I use 4 words instead? Just joking! Contemporary. Quality. Lifestyle.

5. How would you describe the typical customer?
My Mid-Melrose boutique does not have a “typical” customer. We have many
international and domestic tourists visiting from places like Australia,
Chicago, New York, and Asia. I could describe them as jet-setters.

6. What are some must-have pieces in your own closet right now?
Any of my mother’s blouses from the 70’s, a peach culotte jumper, pink
silk blouse with obnoxious crystals accenting the neckline, khaki bandage
halter dress, blood orange maxi, and soon to be lime green koosh ball flip

7. What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is the main attraction and livelihood of a boutique. Even grander,
fashion is the catalyst to style.

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